Our Offer

Our company that carries out investments in the energy and telecom construction sector. We provide services for Polish power system operators and private entities in the renewable energy sector, i.e. wind farms and photovoltaic farms.

We specialise in providing comprehensive services in:

  • construction of low and medium voltage lines (cable and overhead lines),
  • construction of high voltage lines HV (cable lines),
  • construction of lighting lines,
  • installation of LV, MV and HV switchgears,
  • installation of cable routes and lines on power facilities, i.e. combined heat and power plants, power stations, etc.,
  • installation of transformer stations,
  • installation of cable joints,
  • installation of cable accessories,
  • installation of exothermic connections (applies to all types of grounding),
  • measurements and commissioning of installations and energy systems.

We take the following measurements:

  • resistance to earth and insulation resistance,
  • voltage testing of switchgear and LV and MV cable lines,
  • circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers,
  • transformers and chokes,
  • effectiveness of protection against electric shock, effective touch voltage,
  • other measurements.


We also offer a wide range of activities in the construction industry in particular those related to:

  • construction of telecom and power lines,
  • site preparation,
  • excavation and geological-engineering drilling,
  • plumbing, heat and air conditioning installation.